found on Christmas Eve, 1999 on 45th St. in Wallingford.

imacgurl story
imacgurl memo
both the 3-paged story and note were found in a dumpster near 55th and the Ave.

if you get caught shoplifting from the bon marche, this is apparently what you receive. pieced together from five ripped up pieces.

baby in dirt
found in the dirt at 55th and roosevelt.

freak accident
someone moving out of their apartment on the Ave threw out lots of their past mail and photos. "a freak accident" is written on the back of this one.

osama bin ladin target
found 9/13/01 on a fence in seattle's capitol hill area.

trachtenburg family messages
two tapes found in a thrift store.

      una bella vista
italian letter (or a rough draft of one) from someone discussing their apartment.

divorce form letter
found on a sidewalk on the Ave. "I will also be sentenced to spending the balance of my life without her Pot Roast and Corn Bread, a true tragedy."

autopsy of a binge
two pages from a notebook found near 12th and Olive. the picked-over pile of stuff was near the curb in front of an apartment building. either someone just got kicked out or they moved and didn't want lots of their old belongings.

volcano guy
i didn't know this guy, but he used to live in this building. one day i realized he had moved out and purposedly left a bunch of "junk" in the garage/basement, including many photos. his photos reveal that he was married in the 70's, had a honeymoon near a beach, had a kid, got divorced at some point, and travelled a lot. he's the one in the middle in this photo, which has "June 1989 - Mt. St Helens" written on the back.


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