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Dr. Strangelove - Dec. - Varsity
Toy Story 2 - Dec. - 44883
The Source - Dec. - Metro
Clockwork Orange - Nov. - Cinerama
Being John Malkovich - Oct. - Neptune
Citizen Kane - Oct. - Neptune
Bringing Out the Dead - Oct. - Metro
The Straight Story - Oct. - Harvard Exit
Three Kings - Oct. - Metro
Guinevere - Oct. - Harvard Exit
American Beauty - Sept. - Guild 45th
The Sixth Sense - Sept. - Metro
Leila - Sept. - Varsity
The 3rd Man - July - Varsity
Star Wars: Phantom Menance - July - Cinerama
Eyes Wide Shut - July - Guild 45th
Arlington Road - July - Metro
Summer of Sam - July - Metro
Austin Powers 2 - June - Metro
Election - May - Metro
Close Encounters of the Third Kind - May - Cinerama
Rushmore - Feb. - Neptune
Still Crazy - Jan. Guild 45th

1998 theater: A Bug's Life - Dec. - Pacific Place Happiness - Nov. - Neptune The Mirror / Ayneh - Oct. - Varsity Pecker - Sept. - Neptune Henry Fool - July - Harvard Exit Wild Man Blues - July - Varsity The Truman Show - June - Neptune Godzilla - May - Varsity Grease - May - Metro Kurt and Courtney - April - Neptune The Sweet Hereafter VHS: Very Brady Sequel Gummo Copland Hate The Tall Guy Diary of a Seducer Mad City Gentleman's Agreement Glengarry Glen Ross The Conversation

1997 theater: Gattaca Deconstruction Harry Matchmaker Romeo & Juliet - 1996 Eight Heads in a Dufflebag Austin Powers Sid & Nancy Guys and Dolls Vertigo Everyone Says I Love You Mother Rosewood Return of the Jedi Empire Strikes Back Star Wars Lost Highway Event Horizon The Pillow Book Cold Fever VHS: This is Spinal Tap Enchanted April Belle de Jour Heavy Chasing Amy The Cable Guy Ferris Bueller's Day Off Hair Romeo & Juliet Betty Blue Tron Annie Hall An American in Paris To Catch a Thief The White Balloon Manny & Lo Tommy Tilt The Parallax View That's Entertainment, Part II Manchurian Candidate Key The Trial Ermo Set It Off Foxfire Seconds Stepford Wives Mighty Aphrodite

1996 with our gates (theater) body and soul (theater) pari (theater) the journey (theater) canary yellow (theater) leily is with me (theater) scent of joseph's shirt (theater) minoo watch-tower (theater)


1994 Gas, Food, Lodging (VHS) Postcards from American (theater) Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer (theater)

1993 Crush (theater) The Panama Deception (theater) Thelma & Louise (VHS) iceland

1992 messidor (theater) The Crying Game (theater) Little Man Tate (theater) Husbands and Wives (theater) The Adjuster (theater) la june/july Pinocchio (theater - madison, WI)

1991 prospero's books (theater) Life is Sweet (theater) The Sacrifice (VHS) What About Bob? (theater) Silence of the Lambs (theater) 8/6 Switch (theater) 7/28


1989 Do the Right Thing (theater) Drugstore Cowboy 12/89 - toledo Heathers 5/89 Sid & Nancy 5/89 -osu? Star Trek IV 4/89 -osu? Another Woman 4/89 Diner 3/89 -osu? Working Girl 1/89

1988 The Last Temptation of Christ (theater) Wings of Desire 12/88 Decline of Western Civilization Part One 12/88 Good Mother 11/88 A Fish Called Wanda 8/88 Alexander Nevsky 7/88 Roger Rabbit 7/88 Manon of the Spring 7/88 Funny Farm 6/88 Big 6/88 Permanant Record 5/88 River's Edge 4/88 The Last Emperor 2/88

1987 Jean de Florette 12/87 Fatal Attraction 11/87 Innerspace 7/87 Hollywood Shuffle 6/87 Crocodile Dundee 6/87 Untouchables 6/87 Space Balls 6/87? (Betty Blue??? 5/12/87 tuesday Roxy, 2159 n. high St)

1986 Sid & Nancy (theater) Ferris Bueller's Day Off (theater) Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (theater)

1985 Back to the Future (theater) Pee-wee's Big Adventure (theater) Cocoon (theater)

1984 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (theater) Gremlins (theater) Ghostbusters (theater) Splash (theater) Star Trek III: Search for Spock (theater)

1983 Return of the Jedi (theater) 5/25/83 WarGames (theater)

1982 Annie (theater) E.T. (theater) Tron (theater) Poltergeist (theater)

1981 Raiders of the Lost Ark (theater) Time Bandits (theater)

1980 Hanger 18 (theater)


1978 Superman (theater)

1977 Close Encounters of the Third Kind (theater) Star Wars (theater)